morgane suel

Morgane Suel

As our local trusty Google Helpouts Category Specialist, Morgane's helping SFSU put on this awesome talk and raffle. Say "Hi, and thank you!" for all her hard work when you see her, and don't be afraid to bug her with questions! Alma Mater: McGill University, Montreal

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daniel arnold

Daniel Arnold

Daniel's our featured speaker, natch, with great ideas on what it takes to work in a high-powered tech company today. He's also a Google Helpouts Category Manager! Stay tuned to hear his wisdom live and living color. Alma Mater: Northwestern University, Chicago

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alex cory

Alex Cory

Alex is SFSU's Google Ambassador! He's pursuing his B.S. in Computer Science, Software Engineering at SFSU and he's also your everyday go-to guy for everything Google on campus. Give him a high-five / fist - bump / chest - thump when you see him.

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You can still join the raffle! Through May 23

Sign your friends and family up for Helpouts and you'll have the chance to win VIP access to Google's SF office or a Chromecast!

About the Talk

On Friday, May 2, SFSU students joined the ACM Club and Marketing Association for a "Start Your Career in Tech" talk sponsored by Google. Daniel Arnold shared his thoughts on innovating in today's tech landscape and what it's like to work with a startup model for Helpouts at Google. Click here to the view images!

Join us for the Helpouts Challenge

Your challenge: sign up as many people as possible for Google Helpouts! Helpouts is a great live video chat platform where you can learn live from an expert. Get help from a professional as you study for finals, learn how to give a great interview, or even how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd. Enter your submissions into the raffle for your chance to win one of the cool prizes below.

What: The Helpouts Challenge

When: 4/28 - 5/23


  • 2 winners will get VIP access to Google's San Francisco office for lunch! Get free schwag, a tour of the campus, and a chat over lunch with a Googler from your field of interest about starting your career in tech.

  • 15 additional winners will also get a Chromecast, a $35 value!

How to enter the raffle

Just follow these steps:

Example Submission

  1. Sign up for Helpouts at

  2. Participate in a Helpout session by May 23, 2014
    and prove it by taking a screenshot and sending it
    to us at

    1. Your Helpout can be free or paid.If you pay for the Helpout, use this coupon code to get $25 off: {ALEX71D}

    2. Your Helpout needs to be at least 10 minutes long.

  3. Each screenshot you send us will submit your name once to the raffle.You can submit up to 10 screenshots of individual Helpout sessions.*

  4. The Helpouts team will randomly pick 17 winners for the prizes above from all submissions on May 24th, 2014, and ACM will post the winners here on the site!

By participating in the raffle, you agree to the Raffle Contest Rules.

*Each submission can also earn your chosen school club a donation -- learn how!

Click here to learn more about Helpouts

What 's a Helpout and how do I "take one?"

Helpouts is a new service by Google that lets you video chat live with an expert for one-on-one help. All of their experts are vetted and promise to deliver a great experience through a 100% money back guarantee. Here's how you can get started:

  1. To sign up, visit

  2. Browse categories to find a Helpout that looks like a fit for you.

  3. Pick and schedule your session with one of our experts. Learn how to build an app, take a session with a calc tutor, or get advice on how to land your dream job -- you name it!

Cool, but I have to pay?

Many Helpouts are free, but some are paid. We recommend searching for the category of Helpout that you're looking for to compare prices and providers; then, if your preferred Helpout has a fee, you can use the promo code (ALEX71D) to get $25 off!

Click Here for the Raffle Contest Rules!


Earn ca$h money for your org. Yup, for each and every signup.

For each person you sign up for Helpouts, Google will donate to your chosen org. The org with the most signups will also get a bonus donation!

Earn $20 per Helpouts signup for your org

Here's how:

  1. When you submit your screenshots for the raffle (see rules), don’t forget to mention which club you belong to. For each screenshot you submit on behalf of your club, Helpouts will donate $20 to that club.

  2. Bonus: The club with the most submissions at the end of the raffle will receive an extra $500 donation from Helpouts.